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Lift with shaft

  • Optimum 100s

    Optimum 100s enclosed platform lift

    The Optimum 100s Platform lift is our bestselling platform lift. The lift is designed to meet all requirements for quality, safety and service life. It is a perfect fit for tough and demanding environments such as schools, shops, commercial and residential buildings. Standard platform size of 1100mm wide X 1480mm long

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  • Optimum 400 hydraulic platform lift

    Optimum 400 hydraulic platform lift

    The Optimum 400 is a high quality and reliable hydraulic platform lift designed to work externally. They come complete with a self supporting glazed structure and have side opening landing doors or an upper level landing gate. These units are compliant with building regulations. We are also pleased to offer adjacent entry if required. The lift platform comes in a three different sizes; small: 1250x900mm, medium: 1400x900mm and large: 1400x1100mm.

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  • Optimum 500

    Optimum 500 home platform lift

    The Optimum 500 is the ultimate space saving platform lift for your home. It has been specifically designed for the home market with a very small space requirement to optimise the space in your building! 3 Different platform sizes; 805mm wide X 580mm deep, 805mm wide x 880mm deep, 805mm wide X 1080mm deep

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Low Rise Lifts – up to 3m travel

  • Optimum 350 - open style platform lift

    Optimum 350 open style platform lift

    The Optimum 350 is a high quality and reliable hydraulic platform lift designed to work internally or externally for heights from 25cm to 1m. It comes complete with it own self supporting structure and has a side opening gate at the upper level. Optimum 350 has a safety ramp fitted to the platform that will automatically fold up when the lift moves. It is also available with an optional lower gate. Platform sizes available of 1450x800mm, 1450x900mm and 1450x1100mm

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  • Portable Platform Lift

    Optimum 1000 portable platform lift

    The Optimum 1000 is a high quality and reliable mobile platform lift designed to work internally or externally. At only 53kg it can easily be moved into position to offer the perfect solution to awkward access situations. Optimum 1000 has a safety access ramp fitted to the leading edge that will raise by 100mm when the lift is in use to restrain wheelchairs. A handset on a spiral cable is provided and the unit is finished in Grey RAL 7035. Available in two platform sizes: 1170x710mm and 1495x765mm.

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  • Wheelchair Stair Lifts

    Optimum 200 stair platform lift

    The Optimum 200 is one of the best quality stair platform lifts available and is suitable for both internal and external use. Available for both straight or curved stairways. Platform size of 1250x800mm.

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