Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a platform lift?

    A platform lift is designed as a form of access for people who have difficulty using stairs. They serve between two or more floor levels. There are different types of platform lift that can be used depending on the scenario, open style lifts are often used for low rise situations up to 3M and enclosed platform lifts are generally used for travel between floors. The price of a platform lift is relatively low compared to conventional lifts, and requires little space for building work to commence. The maximum speed that a platform lift can travel at is 0.15m/sec.

  • How much does a platform/stair/wheelchair lift cost?

    There are a number of factors that can affect the price of a lift, but the two main factors for costs are the price of the actual structure and the price of installation. Due to each of our lifts having bespoke features and requirements, one price will not fit all – please speak to one of our advisors who will be able to give you an estimated quote, call us on 0292 168 3207 or send your enquiry to

  • How long does it take to install a platform lift?

    Platform lift installation time depends on a number of factors, including the size, type and style. Our experienced engineers can usually install a lift in as little time as a day, but bigger, more complex structures can take a few more days to install. The planning, design and manufacturing of the lift can take a few weeks to a couple of months prior to the installation.

  • Can your lifts be customised? (Colours etc)

    Manufacturers usually offer lifts in a variety of different colours. Doors and shafts can be separate colours and individually chosen if preferred. You can also choose additional features like automatic doors, glazing, and alternative type(s) of drive system.

  • What guarantee do you offer? (Servicing & Warranty)

    The length of warranty depends on each product and subject to the manufacturers guarantee. There are also separate warranties within each product which can include parts & labour, motor & gearbox, and drive chains/components. You can usually find this information on each of the product pages. If you are unsure, please speak to one of our team who are happy to help – call 0292 168 3207.

  • Are platform lifts expensive to run?

    Platform lifts are economical options that are both low cost and energy efficient. On average, it costs about £10 per year to run in electricity bills (depending on the amount of use).

  • What types of platform lifts do you offer?

    We offer a range of platform lifts that come in a variety of sizes and types. We have wheelchair stair lifts, internal and external lifts, enclosed and open lifts, and home platform lifts – just to name a few. To view the lift options we provide visit our lift range page.

  • Can you fit a stair lift to any type of stairs?

    Our Optimum 200 Wheelchair Stair Lift is quite possibly the slimmest on the market and has been designed to transport passengers along straight or curved paths, meaning it can be fitted to a range of stair options.

  • I have a limited amount of space; can I still have a platform lift?

    Platform lifts are designed with small footprint sizes meaning they can be installed into areas with restricted space. Speak to one of our advisors to find out what we can do for your space by calling 0292 168 3207.

  • How does a platform lift work?

    There are three main types of platform lift drive systems that make the lift work – these are screw and nut drive systems, hydraulic drive systems, and encapsulated chain drive systems.

  • Does my business need a platform/stair/wheelchair lift?

    The Equality Act (2010) states that you have the duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure you’re not subjecting someone to a substantial disadvantage. It also states that a reasonable provision must be put in place for people to access and use the building’s facilities. If your business doesn’t provide a suitable way to cover these requirements, advice should be sought on whether a lift is the best solution.

  • Are platform lifts safe?

    Platform lifts have to conform to strict user safety legislation. All of our lifts and their installations are safe and compliant with the appropriate standards for that type of lift.

  • What happens if my lift breaks down?

    In the rare case that your lift breaks down, our fully qualified engineers will generally attend your call within 24 hours. If your lift is properly maintained, it reduces the risk of it breaking down and keeps it working at its full potential. Read more information about our servicing contracts.

  • Can I get funding to install a platform lift at home?

    If you or someone else in your home is disabled, you can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant which if approved, entitles you to a sum of money towards the cost of adapting your home to become more accessible; this can include installing a platform lift. Business users can sometimes obtain grants from organisations such as the Lottery fund.

  • How do you remove a lift?

    Removal of an existing lift has to be planned and carried out with full consideration to health, safety and the environment. This is why we recommend ensuring that you don’t remove the lift yourself if you aren’t qualified to do so.

  • What building work is involved in the installation of a lift?

    Installing a platform lift requires very little building work compared to a conventional lift. Being small and self-contained, they can fit into smaller spaces and there is no requirement for a machine room or a lifting beam. As they require very little in the way of structural alterations they can even be installed in listed buildings.

  • Does a platform lift need a supporting wall?

    Depending on the type of platform lift, you may need a supporting wall. Screw and nut drive system lifts often require a supporting wall for stability, especially on longer travel lifts. Our guided chain drive system in the Optimum 100 has a self supporting shaft and does not require any structural walls.  Speak to our team to find out if your platform lift needs one.

  • What is the minimum and maximum travel height?

    An open style platform lift is only allowed to serve a maximum of 3M travel, the minimum is usually around 100mm. The maximum travel for an enclosed platform lift varies between the different types of drive system. Our Optimum 100 platform lift can serve up to 15M travel. The minimum travel for an enclosed lift is around 200mm.