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New products and new ownership for Ability Lifts

Ability Lifts has recently been acquired by the Aritco Group AB; one of the world’s leading manufacturers of platform lifts. With a 16,000 square metre factory in Sweden, Aritco produce almost 4,000 lifts every year and sell in 40 different countries. For our customers, this means we can offer the backing of a huge group with all our products, it also means improved customer support, and the addition of exciting new products to our range.

One of the most versatile new products added to our range is the ‘Optimum 100s.’ This platform lift has been designed for schools, restaurants, offices and public buildings, offering a high quality of finish, including an anodized aluminium platform console, braille and tactile push button, along with an ergonomically designed aluminium or stainless steel handrail on the carriage. The shaft panels and landing doors can be powder coated with a choice of 1625 different RAL colours and the option to include glazing into the shaft enclosure. We can take the level of finishes from the high standard finish to an exceptional level of sophistication to suit every application.

The lift has a patented no-leak screw and nut system, alongside the lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market. The flexible design can serve from two to six floors, with a maximum travel height of 13 metres. Designed to be customisable, the lift can be finished with a choice of clear, tinted or frosted glass, whilst the flooring offers a selection of nine different finishes including, European oak, checker stud and aluminium.

The lift is fully Part M and Equality Act compliant and comes in a range of platform sizes to suit any requirement. With just a 50mm pit (or ramp) required, and no machine room, this lift can fit in just about anywhere.

To find out more about the Optimum 100s Platform Lift or other lift products, you can give Ability Lifts a call on 0114 3521133 and speak to one of their friendly experts.