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Brackley Leisure Centre LiftNew platform lift works out at Brackley

Located twenty miles West of Milton Keynes, Brackley Leisure Centre serves the local community with a full range of facilities including two pools, two dance studios and a sports hall. They recently decided to extend the building to include a 110 station gym which was going to require a lift to offer disabled access next to a small flight of stairs.

FES Support Services were in charge of the building work on the new gym extension, and after previously working with Ability Lifts at a nearby leisure centre in Banbury, they again asked Ability Lifts to assist with this lift requirement at Brackley.

The site had just a small floor area adjacent to the flight of stairs, and the total rise for the lift was 1360mm. Ability Lifts recommended their popular Optimum 100 Platform lift as the ideal solution - with a small footprint of just 1150mm x 1560mm whilst still offering a platform size of 1020mm x 1480mm, this lift made the maximum use of the available space.

The lift was installed with an open through configuration and a half height gate at the top landing. This created an open feel to the area and visually balanced the unit with the handrail of the staircase. The client chose to have a ramp at the lower level, negating the need to excavate a 60mm pit.

An intercom system was supplied with the lift as a means of communication between the lift user and the reception area in case of an emergency situation. The unit comes standard with voice annunciation, visual level indicator and glazed doors.

The leisure centre management are very pleased with the lift and have commented that it is being used several times a day, enabling easy access for all gym users.

To find out more about the Optimum 100 Platform Lift and other products in the range, please visit www.abilitylifts.co.uk or call our dedicated sales line on 0845 006 8803.