Lift speed and how to calculate it

Lift speed is usually expressed in m/sec (metres per second). Platform Lifts under the Machinery Directive are limited to a maximum speed of 0.15m/sec (150mm per second). In order to calculate the time that the lift will take to complete a single journey you will need to divide the total lift travel by the speed. Eg: If total Lift Travel: 3000mm divide by 150mm = 20 seconds.

This calculation should only be taken as a guide as most lifts have an acceleration and deceleration zone and the lift does not travel at a constant speed between the 2 points.

Passenger lifts supplied under the Lift Regulations can travel at higher speeds than platform lifts but as a consequence there are a greater number of rules and requirements that need to be considered in order to comply with the Lift Regulations, eg. safe space for an engineer etc.