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The Curran Building at the University of Strathclyde

Optimum 200 platform liftWith over one million print volumes as well as access to 540,000 electronic books the Andersonian Library in The Curran Building is certainly a unique and important place.

Originally the library was formed in 1796 on the death of John Anderson who bequeathed his collection, which consisted of over 2000 volumes.

The library has seen several homes since then finally coming to rest at the Curran Building in 1980 and named after Sir Samuel Curran, the principal who had masterminded the genesis of the University between 1964 and 1980.

Thousands of students tread the steps every day and as at all Universities, care is taken to ensure that those of us less able have the facilities provided to allow freedom of movement.

Strathclyde University provide excellent facilities for those less able and last year discovered that the access to the main staircase was no longer suitable due to the technology of wheelchairs overtaking the solutions previously provided.

In short wheelchairs for the less able are becoming larger and heavier due to the technical innovations intended to ease the burden of their use.

The existing lift provided to the main entrance staircase with a 225kg load capacity therefore no longer suited the modern motorised wheelchair and an urgent solution was required.

After deliberation and a detailed analysis of available products it was decided that Ability Lifts and their Optimum 200 inclined platform was required.

Optimum 200 has many features suited to provide a great solution to such a problem including the standard load capacity of 300kg. It also has safety barriers that fold down when not in use to prevent damage and a slick design to suit any stylish building.

Floor and step stanchion supports were provided due to the unknown nature of the wall and the lift was installed in one day.

The installation is further enhanced by the wireless nature of Optimum 100 and the ability to easily site key switched landing controls to suit the application.

To find out more about the Optimum 200, visit www.abilitylifts.co.uk, or give their helpful staff a call on 0845 006 8803.