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Castle Grove Infant SchoolCastle Grove Infant School.

Pupils at Castle Grove Infant School are going up in the world after a new lift was installed on site by Ability Lifts of Sheffield.

The split level school applied and received a grant from Wakefield council for the lift, ensuring the site at Pinfold Land Sandal was fully accessible to all pupils, parents, staff and visitors.

When Castle Grove established the need for the lift, it was decided that they needed to keep the open plan feel of the reception area, Ability Lifts of Sheffield were pleased to install the Optimum 100 vertical platform lift, the fully glazed shaft and white powder coated trim fitted perfectly into the reception area.

Reasons for selecting the Optimum 100

This is a great product offering many benefits and cost saving’s over other types of platform lifts.

- The motor size is .55k and not 2.2kw, saving 75% of the energy used by screwlifts.

- The footprint is up to 250mm smaller in width for the 1100mm x 1400mm platform.

- The guided chain system is expected to Last a minimum of 25 years and it is virtually maintenance free.

- The motor is housed within the lift  Structure at the upper level (screw lift motors ride with the platform) this makes the Optimum 100 ride smoother and quieter.

- A separate motor room is not required and there is no danger of oil leakage.

- There is no need you to provide a certified lifting beam (most screw lifts require this) this is quite an expensive item if required.

- Most screw lift systems are fitted with very long and heavy masts that require fastening back to walls, they are also quite awkward to get on site.

- The Optimum 100 platform lift is built ground up and all parts will pass through normal doors.