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Ability Lifts Platform Lift Specialists Call for advice
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FarmiloeAbility Lifts rises to the challenge.

When the phone rang at AbilityLifts they were asked a question: Can you install a freestanding lift without disturbing the fabric of the building? AbilityLifts answer was Yes.

A BT exhibition was being held in “The Farmiloe Building”.

The Farmiloe Building is not what it seems from the outside “a typical Victorian warehouse”.  It’s been, amongst others Batman’s Gotham City police headquarters twice (2005, 2008) and the abattoir in Sherlock Holmes (2009). Many film makers have been attracted to the building which has the uniqueness of different styles on each floor.

No holes could be drilled, no fixing points could be attached to the building, for the Farmiloe Building AbilityLifts had the answer.
The Optimum 100 enclosed vertical platform lift platform lift was manufactured in just 4 weeks as a fully removable and freestanding Unit. The uneven floor that couldn’t be drilled did not present a problem.  AbilityLifts provided a steel platform was created with its own ramp to take the place of the 60mm pit.

The lift covered 3 floors creating DDA compliant access as and when required while still preserving the integrity of the building
intact, the lift is currently in storage at The Farmiloe Building waiting for the next time its services are needed.

The Optimum 100 was proven to be an ideal solution for the site on the occasion when access to different levels was an issue, the high build quality, flexible and dependable guided chain drive system was ideally suited to the building, as was the complete structure.

The Optimum 100 was supplied as a complete structure including the ceiling and did not require load bearing walls, scaffolding or lifting beams for installation, the drive motor of only .55kw is up to 75% more energy efficient than other systems.