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external platform liftThe Optimum 150 External Platform Lift

The Optimum 150 is the ultimate space saving platform lift enclosure, situated externally with the entrances in the internal wall. We will provide you with a fully weatherproofed, secure and insulated external structure fitted with the Optimum 100 platform lift inside. We construct for you a substantial steel structure that is anchored to the wall and finished in insulated Microrib Kingspan to a colour of your choice. Generally all we ask is that your builder provides the entrance apertures and the concrete plinth.

What’s a platform lift?

  • Primarily designed to give access to people who have difficulty using a staircase.
  • Frequently used in domestic, commercial and public places. The lifts usually serve between 2, or more floor levels.
  • A fully enclosed vertical platform lift is designed specifically for wheelchair users travelling in an upward or downward direction.

Why choose an external lift?

  • Save space within your building by installing an external lift - that’ll be securely sealed to the outside of your premises.
  • Extra ease of access – no need for ramps or additional expenditure to take place outside of your building, as the external lift allows even easier access for the less able.

The Optimum 150 External Enclosure for the Optimum 100 Platform Lift

  • Kingspan Microrib Finish - This type of steel finish provides superior air tightness, low thermal bridging, and thermal performance of high R-value, which can result in energy savings of up to 30%. This material holds an excellent fire resistance and economical rating.
  • Colour Choice - Tailored to you – choose a colour from our swatch list to get the best colour and feel for your premises.
  • Weather-proof and insulated - Thermal performance of high R-value – which boosts savings and increases a building’s aesthetic appeal.
  • 5 Year structure guarantee.
  • Includes gutters and down pipes.
  • Sealed to the building.

Also available for internal installation - see the Optimum 100 Platform Lift for details.

Our Service

Here at Ability Lifts, we don’t only aim to supply our customers with high-quality lifts that are tailored to their particular building, but we pride ourselves in offering the best service alongside this product. This service includes; delivery, installation, engineering, servicing, and around the clock advice.

Delivery - We will deliver on time to suit the agreed program. Our delivery vehicles are equipped with all of the necessary equipment, so as not to involve you with additional labour.

Installation - All of our installation teams are certified to the required safety standards. They work alongside other trades, are fully qualified, and carry the necessary certification cards.

Engineering - We have trained engineers who understand the problems experienced by the developer, and work with them to ensure our product will meet their requirements. The specification is a joint effort to achieve the optimum installation with the least disruption possible.

Servicing - Once the unit is installed, it needs looking after. We have nationwide service available and welcome the opportunity of looking after your platform lift.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, if this is not quite what you’re looking for – use our lift finder tool here.


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  • Kingspan Microrib Finish
  • Colour Choice
  • Weatherproof and insulated
  • 5 Year structure guarantee
  • Includes gutters and down pipes
  • Sealed to the building

Also available for internal installation - see the Optimum 100 Platform Lift for details

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