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The Optimum 1000 Portable Platform Lift

The Optimum 1000 Portable Platform Lift is perfect for those uncooperative access situations - it can be moved into various positions to find the perfect accessibility solution for any space.

Portable Platform Lift

What is a platform lift?

  • Platform lifts have been designed to provide vertical access, where previously restricted, for disabled users – e.g. staircases.
  • They are mainly used to provide access in domestic, commercial and public places, whether this is between one or two floors or providing access into the entrance of a store externally.
  • Many platform lifts can be used internally or externally and can be fitted in an enclosed or open space – dependent upon customer requirements.

Why choose the Optimum 1000 Portable Platform Lift?

Easily transported

  • This particular lift weighs 53kg, meaning it can be easily transported into any position – perfect for buildings with multiple restricted access points.

 External or internal installation

  • With the option of installing this platform lift internally or externally – you’re guaranteed complete control on where to install it, in order to suit your space limitations. The Optimum 1000 portable lift is ideal for corporate events, schools and stages.

 Choose from a range of colours

  • Choose from a range / special RAL colours to personalise your lift – to make sure it suits your establishment. Contact us to discuss further options.

 Safety Features

  • Side access on upper and lower levels is available on both sides. There is also an option to fit a safety access ramp to the leading edge, whilst lift is in use, to restrain wheelchairs.


Unit 1

Unit 2

Max. Lifting height



Loading Capacity



Lifting Speed



Min, height






Power supply

24V via transformer
230V power supply

Internal length



Internal width



External length



External width



Our Service

Here at Ability Lifts, we don’t only aim to supply our customers with high-quality lifts that are tailored to their particular building, but we pride ourselves in offering the best service alongside this product. This service includes; delivery, installation, engineering, servicing, and around the clock advice.

Delivery - We will deliver on time to suit the agreed program. Our delivery vehicles are equipped with all of the necessary equipment, so as not to involve you with additional labour.

Installation - All of our installation teams are certified to the required safety standards. They work alongside other trades, are fully qualified, and carry the necessary certification cards.

Engineering - We have trained engineers who understand the problems experienced by the developer, and work with them to ensure our product will meet their requirements. The specification is a joint effort to achieve the optimum installation with the least disruption possible.

Servicing - Once the unit is installed, it needs looking after. We have nationwide service available and welcome the opportunity of looking after your platform lift.

Are you interested in installing a platform lift? Please contact us to discuss the best options to suit your requirements. Alternatively, feel free to use our lift finder tool if the Optimum 1000 platform lift isn’t quite what you’re looking for.


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A range of options and special RAL colours are available, please call us to discuss your requirements in more detail. Auto-folding ramp (pictured), available as an optional extra.