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Optimum 100 enclosed platform liftEnclosed Vertical Platform Lift - Optimum 100 from Ability Lifts

The Optimum 100 is a high quality, reliable, chain driven vertical platform lift that is supplied complete with its own small footprint enclosure. Now with a warranty of 12 months parts and labour, 5 years on motor and gearbox and 10 years on drive chains.

Vertical Platform Lifts from Ability Lifts

This is a self-supporting platform lift which will enhance the value of any building. Installation costs are kept to a minimum ensuring excellent value with a low ownership cost. The unit is compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations and has the following features as standard:

  • 15 metres maximum travel
  • Serves up to 6 floors
  • 1250mm x 1560mm footprint
  • 1120mm x 1480mm platform
  • 60mm deep pit
  • Flexible door arrangements
  • 0.15 metres/sec travel speed
  • Code compliance EN81-41, Part M and MD2006/42/EC
  • 240v (single phase 16 amp)
  • Energy efficient drive system
  • Hidden door hinges
  • Longevity – expected chain life of 25 years if properly maintained
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy installation
  • 500kg capacity
  • Warranty - 12 months parts and labour, 5 years on motor and gearbox and 10 years on drive chains

Also available for external installation - see the Optimum 150 External Platform Lift for details.


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Case Studies

We installed a partially glazed Optimum 100 for Sheffield Concord Sports Centre

We also installed an Optimum 100 at a very grand Victorian hall called Oaklands

Vernon Park Museum has benefitted from the installation of an Optimum 100. Find out about it here

This vertical platform lift has available the following options:

  • Choice of door design including fire doors
  • Managed usage
  • Glazing to every side
  • Doors in a range of RAL colours to assist the visually impaired
  • Contrasting colour and braille buttons
  • Communications devices
  • Ramp if pit not available
  • Hidden door closers
  • Fully automated doors
  • Managed use – a range of security key systems

Available Sizes of the Optimum 100 Vertical Platform Lift

Platform Size Vertical Hole
1020x1480 1180x1590
1020x1680 1180x1790
1120x1480 (standard size) 1280x1590
1120x1680 1280x1790
1220x1480 1380x1590
1220x1680 1380x1790

Installation of the Optimum 100

The Optimum 100 vertical platform lift requires little in the way of building works with a 60mm deep pit, a 1600mm x 1300mm vertical hole through the building and a 16 amp power supply to the top floor being the only necessities for most installations to be carried out.


Optimum 100 Gallery

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Vertical Platform Lifts

The need of the less able to circulate within multi floor buildings has of course always been very important. But with the disabled discrimination act (DDA) and the later Equality Act it is also a legal requirement. Vertical platform lifts provide a very simple and economical way of fulfilling this requirement. Built within an enclosed structure a vertical platform lift can be installed into the very tightest of spaces thus providing a fast and economical solution.