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Platform Lifts and Access Lifts from Ability Lifts

Optimum 100 Platform Lift

We provide platform lift solutions for a wide range of requirements, whether vertical, inclined or short rise. All of our lifts meet the requirements of the relative directive and are designed to ensure that safety is of paramount importance.

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Here at Ability Lifts, we offer solutions for many different access requirements, from platform lifts and stair platform lifts, to external lifts, access lifts and much more. We aim to offer top quality service and highly competitive prices.

All of our access lifts are in compliance with the Machinery Directive MD 2006/42/EC, EN81-41 and Part M, and we're happy to advise you with any questions you may have about access requirements.

Our range of platform lifts and access lifts

We have a range of platform lifts to suit a wide variety of situations. From the Optimum 100 which is an enclosed platform lift, to the Optimum 200; an inclined platform lift and the Optimum 300 and Optimum 350; short rise platform lifts, the Optimum 400 which is an external lift and finally the Optimum 1000 - a portable platform lift. Visit our Lift Range page to see all of our lifts in one place.

Optimum 100 Platform Lift

Optimum 100 HomeboxA high quality vertical platform lift that is supplied complete with its own small footprint enclosure. Now with a 5 year warranty on motor and gearbox plus 10 years on drive chain.

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Optimum 200 Stair Lift

Optimum 200 HomeboxOne of the best quality stair platform lifts available and is suitable for both internal and external use. Available for both straight or curved stairways.

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Optimum 300 Wheelchair Lift

Optimum 300 HomeboxOffers a Part M compliant solution to small changes in levels and is suitable for internal or external use. This lift has been designed with aesthetics and safety in mind.

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Optimum 350 Open Lift

Optimum 350 HomeboxA high quality and reliable hydraulic platform lift designed to work internally or externally for heights from 25cm to 1m. It comes complete with it own self supporting structure.

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Optimum 500 Home Lift

Optimum 500 HomeboxThe ultimate space saving platform lift for your home. It has been designed for the home with a very small space requirement to optimise the space in your building!

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Optimum Goods Lift

Optimum Goods HomeboxThe Optimum Goods Lift is a high quality, reliable, chain driven vertical platform lift that is supplied and installed complete with its own small footprint enclosure.

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Cost Effectiveness and SustainAbility

All our access lifts are designed to last with super-durable components and low maintenance requirements. Our lifts offer years of trouble-free service and reliability with a breakdown rate of less than 1% - we only use the most economical and advanced lifts available with extremely low power consumption - often less than a quarter of our competitors!

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